Bespoke and Special storage solutions

Individually designed refrigerated storage containers including
side door opening, multi or dual zone refrigerated storage containers and cold rooms.


Arcticstore side door - TITAN Containers








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Bespoke and Special refrigerated storage solutions


Additional or alternative doors

Where our standard end mounted, easy opening doors are not the most suitable we have a range of alternative door types and door locations.

Here we show full side opening but have also built with multiple single doors in the side, with end door an simple side door and even electric sliding doors.

Due to cold room workplace legislation in many countries we often need to incorporate internal door opening and/or emergency escape hatch. 


Dual temperature zones

Chilled and freezer zones within the same storage container can be solved in different manners.

In this picture a container is being converted with a large chill and small freezer zone. Through a secondary internal refrigeration plant chill air is circulated and their is thermal break to stop cold transfer.

Other solutions include seperate external doors, singe of multiple refrigeration and even a movable deviding wall with vents and fans.

dual temperature reefer

Alternative refrigeration

Whilst our core machine is the TK Magnum plus alternative refigeration can be supplied.

This even includes single phase refrigeration as is showing here. Whilst having much lower effect some properties do not have access to 380/440V 3 phase.

TITAN also CFC free refrigeration employing CO2 as the refrigerant. The benefit of CFC free is with the disadvantage of higher energy consumption due the lower efficiency of the refrigerant.  

single phase 20 ArcticStore

Ultrafreezer Minus 40°C To Minus 75/80°C


When ultra-cold temperature storage is required the UltraFreezer (some call it super freezer) double compressor refrigeration and increased container insulation will globally maintain -65°C throughout the container.

In cooler climates -75/80°C has been achieved. Standard container type door(s) for increased air-tightness.

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UltraFreezer TITAN Container - One Door Opens

Anterooms or preparation rooms

More frequently we supply storage solutions that include an anteroom or preparation room.

This picture shows the door to an UltraFreezer for vaccine storage opening into the anteroom that is fully refrigerated and with standard alarms, lighting, and emergency facilities.

Anterooms are typically not ISO dimensions as they often need to be connected to the ends of the storage containers.

ante preparation room for -70C CV-19 vaccine storage container

Built-in redundancy

Dual machines for safety against possible refrigeration failure. The TITAN ArcticBlast can always be used for this purpose. We have also supplied solutions with machines in both ends with a side door.

Most often these are for extremely dangerous cargoes like self-igniting chemicals and fuels or where content value is extremely high.

Arcticblast - TITAN Containers

Meat rails and special interiors

Due to the weight bearing required containers need to be built with meat rails alternatively retrofitting meat rails requires these are mounted on a frame within the container.

Other special interior features have included extensive power outlets for power tools, high volume drainage for abbatoir use, pre-prepared foundations for installation of plant and machinery.  

Arcticstore with meat rails - TITAN Containers

Hotstore +45C° To  +85°C  and more


The electrical heating systems in ArcticStores normally have a maximum setting of +45°C. We operate a fleet of 20/40 feet HotStores with temperature settings above 45°C.

Maximum temperatures vary according to the heat system but electrical heating to 70°C has been achieved and with gas heating temperatures between 80-90°C were accomplished. 


HotStore TITAN Container

Palletwide for Australia

20FT and 40FT palletwide ArcticStore storage containers are available in Australia.

Due to higher manufacturing and shipping costs from factory rental rates are somewhat higher than are for standard width models.

Hicube and palletwide - TITAN Containers

DNV EN 2.7.1 refrigerated containers

10ft and 20ft refrigerated containers for offshore logistics and storage.

TITAN operate a fleet of DNV refrigerated containers. Built to the stringent standards for offshore containers, they are very robust and extremely heavy due to material thicknesses. 




With redundancy
20 ArcticStore with side door
ArcticStore with side door

40ft with 4 side doors - TITAN Containers

40' With 4 Side Doors

15ft Reefer - TITAN Containers

15' Non-ISO Length Reefer

10ft DNV Offshore with frame for 20ft - TITAN Containers

10' DNV Offshore +frame for shipping as 20'

ArcticStore Bespoke Models 


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