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hire or buy 10FT, 20FT AND 40FT ARCTICSTORES for reliable and accurate temperature controlled storage of all kinds of fresh and frozen produce and products

Each year TITAN invest in fleet expansion 


Each year TITAN invest in fleet expansion 


Immediate supply in around 40 countries. To hire 10ft, 20ft or 40ft cold storage containers please see our many local offices


For customers looking to buy new containers, these are most often delivered direct ex-works. Lead-time can be as short as 3-5 weeks.

Used ArcticStores are not normally available but we will always consider selling PREMIUM grade from the rental fleet where this is compatible with our business interests.

Benefits of multiple solutions and vast experience

We don't use the word compromise. For TITAN it needs to be the best suitable ArcticStore for the customer's application. Our wide range of cold storage equipment sizes and types is normally sufficient and where it is not we can always supply a special build bespoke design. See our special models

Need a cold store bigger than a container? See our Arctic SuperStore

Sustainability and good power efficiency are important today and gaining in importance as we tackle climate change.
















10ft, 20ft and 40ft ArcticStore storage containers are in daily use
for the successsful storage of many products including:

Work place and worker safety

Refrigerated storage containers are considered a potentially hazardous work place.

In many countries there are very specific regulations to ensure that cold storage zones remain a safe place of work.

The single largest danger is that somone is locked inside where there is the very real threat of freezing to death as well as suffocating as cold stores are often air tight. Many country's legislation stipulate there must be a door that can be opened at all times from the inside.

This simple requirement means that standard reefer shipping containers are never compliant!

ArcticStore products include:
  • A compliant door and/or an escape hatch
  • Internally activated man trap alarm with external siren and beacon
  • Day-glow emergency signage in case internal lighting fails
  • Instuction signage on how to use, doe's and don'ts
  • Comprehensive user manual on all aspects if using the storage container.

Users are reminded that there is a need for the correct protective clothing, including footware and that some countries have legislated maximum work time/minimum work break for cold storage activities.

ArcticStores are easy to use and very work friendly

Operating range (set-point) between -40°C/-40°F and +45°C/+113°F in all normal ambient temperatures.

Easy download from digital data logger at the machine or remotely with SmartArctic

ArcticStore cold stores are just so much better than most competing products. Some of the advantages include:

  • The doors are 1-hand operation when opening or closing again
  • Ramps are available for manual loading/unloading with pallet lifter or wheel cages. When fitted, the ramp is retained on the container and can remain in place even with door opening and closing
  • Sliding air curtain to reduce heat loss
  • Internal lights - light switch just to the right when entering
  • Pause the refigeration switch#1 - located somewhat above the light switch this pauses the refrigeration for 15 minutes, Helps save power and air exchange and reduces ice development.
  • Antip slip flat floor for ease of walking and problem free cargo handling in the container
  • Easy to keep clean. Self sealing drains in each of the 4 corners
  • User instruction signage and a comprehensive user manual

#1Only on 2020 and later model. Some are with open door activated automatic machine pause.

Only qualified personnel should be employed to inspect and perform remedial work on the refrigeration.

Only qualified personnel should be employed to inspect and perform remedial work on the refrigeration.

Servicing the refrigeration

Before all customer deliveries the refrigeration is fully checked and inspected. Any required update of certification (local legislation varies) is made.

In some countries annaual re-inspection and re-certification is defined by pressure vessel and F-gas legislation.

This service is normally included in our rental terms#1.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed#1, TITAN is responsible for all running maintenance and repairs as may be required with the exception of damages and costs resulting from improper use or vandalism. Emergency call out services are available in most countries.

#1Exceptions include on vessels and remote locations.

sustainability and the environment


Our refrigeration is amongst the most energy efficient with economy mode low fan speed option for chill and warm settings. Our recent "pause refrigeration" is solely intended to allow customers to save power with door openings.  Likewise the 40' ArcticStore TROPICAL with extra insulation to save <15% power consumption even when operating in lower ambient temperatures.


We build the containers to last. We expect to replace the refrigeration 2, perhaps even 3 times in the life of the container. Redundant refrigeration is used for spare parts and the remainder is under managed re-use/re-cykling. The replacement refrigeration will will always be, at worst, with the the same good values but hopefully with improved performance, even lower power consumption and with lower negative total impact.


  • More than 98% of the fleet are with R404A, R452A or R134A refrigerent
  • R404A refrigerent is being replaced with R452A that has a better GWP of 2,140 and ODP of zero


  • Low CO2 footprint through great power efficiency is just another benefit for planet earth
  • Economy mode option for chill cargo. This option educes the fan speed. Lower fan speed saves power.
  • Use the "pause refrigeration" switch (where fitted) to reduce wasted energy and icing
  • TROPICAL model with extra insulation reduces power consumption >15%

Power consumption

The graph above shows the varying power consumption at various set-points. Actual consumption is impossible to forecast. There are many variable such as solar warming, ambient temperature, set-point, how full or empty the container, the mass/weight of the contents and not least how often the doors are opened.

The containers are well indulated, there are air curtains, the door can be fulled to and in the latest models there is "pause" refrigeration option when doors are open. Lowest power consumption always needs the input and discipline of the users but we supply refrigeration with many advantages to help you realise lowest possible power consumption helping your business and the environment.

Some of our special ArcticStore models


Why compromise when there might be a tailored solution available from TITAN Containers? Many of our tailord models include additional and/or alternative door arrangements and especially containers with side doors and even full side opening. We have also supplied in non-ISO lengths like 15'. Let us know what you would like and we will try to make it happen!