portable or temporary cold room storage Rental and sale of Arctic SuperStores


realise the many storage benefits from our open plan portable cold rooms INSTEAD OF HIRING OR BUYING MULTIPLE CONTAINERS  

Fast to arrive and gone in a flash when time is right

Arctic SuperStores do not need to be temporary but they can be. Modular ISO dimensioned construction allows fast and affordable transport.

Rent or buy

Available for longer term hire or to own SuperStores can convert unused space into high density temperature controlled cold room in a matter of weeks.

Up or downsize

The size is flexible and we have often up-sized and down-sized SuperStore cold rooms to meet the changing customer space requirements.

Installation and removal

Prior to delivery date we will normally visit the site or perform a digital site review (risk analysis) and agree the schedule and any special considerations.

Smaller installations are installed or removed in 1-2 days whilst larger installations normally can be completed in a week. We plan our work to cause minimal disruption.

When our team are finished the cold store is ready for use!

Best temperature range - we span 145°C/261°F

Only global supplier of refrigerated storage containers

30 years experience

Flexible siting

We have delivered SuperStores connected to buildings, warehouse and factory loading ramps and even inside buildings.

Whilst most join side by side they can also be joined end to end. Different lengths can be combined to create the space you need.

Where required the SuperStore can be supported as shown or with concrete towers and even stacked paving squares.

SuperStores are a TITAN concept. Designed

and tested together with industry experts.

Introduced to the market in 2011.

Hygiene and working environment

Food grade stainless steel panlels with flat anti-slip aluminium floors create a hygienic and easy to clean interior. Larger cold stores naturally include all required fire emergency exits and all are compliant with respect health and safey considerations.


Leadtime ex-factory stock is typically 4-7 weeks. For tailor designed cold store please allow 15-20 weeks from order. Occaisionally we can deliver a 2nd hire cold store from local depot stock in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Better space utilisation.

Massive power savings compared with stand alone.

The bigger the SuperStore the bigger the benefits.

Saving power

The superStore showing here has 44% less exterior surface than the same number of stand alone containers. Despite the insulation, the exterior surfaces are a major source of heat gain. By reducing the surface area requires fewer machines running fewer hours to maintain the desired temperature.

The container doors have the lowest insulation value. As this cold room has only 1 set of doors further heat gain is being avoided.

The probable power savings are over 50%. This is great for the customer and good for the environment.

More than 800 installed.

Operating in more than 30 countries

on 6 continents.

SuperStores share all the charecteristics of ArcticStores

cold storage products

cold storage products

worker safety

worker safety

easy to use

easy to use

reefer service

reefer service