storage of all types of chilled and frozen pharmaceuticals including vaccines


ArcticStores are in daily use with Bio and Life Science interests and feature in pharma global cold chain solutions


-80°C to -40°C or -112°F to -40°F See UltraFreezer and -40°C to +45°C or -40°F to +113°F See ArcticStore

Bio and Life Sciences

ArcticStores are in daily use with Bio and Life Science companies and institutes researching and producing current and future medications and treatments.


Pharmaceuticals, medicines and vaccines

Many manufacturers rely on ArcticStores to supply the required temperature controlled storage environment for raw ingredients and finished products.  

Pharmaceutical cold chain

The journey from the phamaceutical manufacturers to the consumers can be long and often includes many different actors in warehousing, road transport, air lines and airports and then the final mile to healthcare organisations. Need GDP certification?


Although well established for the shipping of chill cargoes, vaccines and other products needing deep freeze or even ultracold are much more challenging.

Whilst some are permanent, many are temporary 

ArcticStores are most often supplied for special projects, new requirements for very specific temperature control or to meet the demands of suddenly increasing production or storage volumes.  

  • Impressive standard temperature range from -40°C to +45°C or between -40°F to +113°F
  • Also available for ultracold storage from -80°C to -40°C or between -112°F to -40°F
  • Hygienic FDA approved food grade stainless steel and aluminimum interiors
  • Built for storage applications. Extremely user friendly with work place safety atrtributes
  • Digital data logger with telematic remote control and monitoring. See SmartArctic
  • Power efficient accurate refrigeration with local service agents

GDP good Distribution Practice

Applies only to ArcticStore containers with TK Magnum plus refrigeration

We can deliver 10ft, 20ft and 40ft ArcticStore refrigerated storage containers with GDP certification from factory.

GDP certification is on individual containers and is not generic. Certification is valid for 3 years. Certification fees and costs apply.

Internal materials, workmanship quality, design and specifications are the same/extremely similar in all TITAN's refrigerated containers.

FDA approval is standard.

Safe storage with dry ice

Dry ice starts to vaporize (change from dry ice to gaseous CO2) in temperatures warmer than very chilly -78.4C°C/-109°F for non-degrading storage the temperature needs to be at or lower than these temperatures. TITAN’s latest UltraFreezer can maintain close to these temperatures in moderate ambient temperatures. The shelf life of the dry ice is greatly extended even at slightly warmer temperatures.

The use of mechanical refrigeration in containers, to store dry ice, presents other issues users need to be aware of and pay attention to. IF the dry ice is converting to gaseous CO2 then the closed container will experience atmospheric modification creating a CO2 rich atmosphere.

Further, gaseous CO2 has a much greater volume than dry ice and if stored in an air tight container an over-pressure can occur with the potential of the container exploding. ArcticStores include floor drains in each corner. If you wish to store dry ice then these drains should be permanently open allowing the gaseous CO2 (that naturally sinks as heavier than air) to exit the container through these drains. The area around the container should be ventilated at ground level to disperse the CO2.

The storage of dry ice needs take these and other potential hazards like frostbite and ice burns into account and should only ever be performed by experienced personnel with required training and expertise.

There is the potential of real and serious health hazards when storing and handling dry ice. Particularly for anyone entering the container before the entire container is flushed by opening the door for a period of time.

Reliable, dependable and experienced


There are few competitors than can match our more than 30 years industry experience and none who can equal our global market footprint, the quantity and/or the quality of our refrigerated storage container fleet. Our modern fleet has expanded every year and continues to grow with new $ multi-million investments.


We are a privately family owned business with traditional family values that includes 100% reliability and dependability of both the equipment and related services. We have had only positive financial results and have a very strong asset based balance sheet.  


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Founded in 1987, TITAN Containers are singularly engaged in the supply of storage solutions. Our flagship ArcticStore brand is market leader with the best selection of tailormade refrigerated containers for many different applications with a massive span of temperatures.


I believe you will always receive local, friendly and professional service from the team of more than 150 TITANS in our worldwide offices. It is their responsibility to inform and recommend the right solution for you, and even on the rare occasion, when this is not a solution TITAN can supply. Better no business than bad business!


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