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We supply temperature controlled storage solutions to pharma manufacturers in many countries, at many temperatures from below -70°C to in excess of +40°C. 

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Whilst many are standard ArcticStore solutions there are also many bespoke design and use applications with SuperStore open plan cold stores and special model cold storage containers.

Many of these relationships span the 15 years and more and include many different segments of the pharma industry. 


Our extensive product range, superior quality and reliability as well our industry experience make us a natural choice in a very demanding manufacturing industry.

When the drugs are manufactured there is the cold chain to transport the products to market places.


Cold chain transport

Blast Freezer - One Door Opening

We supply many cold chain interests with our solutions. Having established once that an ArcticStore was the best solution global players can simply replicate the required facilities just about everywhere on the planet.

Our products are also very suitable for preparing and freezing the various PCM's used extensively instead of dry ice.

Digital data-loggers are standard and we offer SmartArctic app to 24/7 remotely monitor, control and for data download.

Final user, the last mile

UltraFreezer TITAN Container - One Door Opens

When the products arrive for last mile logistics there are new storage requirements.

Our products satisfy these demands also. State and private distribution interests for both human and animal drugs are also regular customers.


There are digital data records available. These can be downloaded from the machine or via the SmartArctic app.

ArcticStore models can be GDP certified.

All products are HACCP compliant and in Australia we are HACCP certified.

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ArcticStoreTM is a brand of TITAN Containers.

Would you like to know more about us

  • More than 30 years experience supplying temperature controlled storage solutions.

  • Probably the biggest temperature storage range from below -70°C/-94°F to more than +70°C/158°F.

  • Customer needs and expectations in focus and always 1st priority. See customer testimonials.

  • 24/7 SmartArctic remote control and  monitoring with data download and alarm settings.

  • Global supply of identical products that work in all climates and at all set-points.

  • Prompt, even next day delivery opportunities in more than 40 countries.

  • Always competitive rental and sales prices with flexible terms.


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