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Almost 3 years to the day after the installation the TITAN team was back on-site at the Wellington Coca-Cola Distribution Centre to dismantle their custom 2 Bay 40' Arctic Super Store.

With their requirement for chilled storage continually growing, the decision was made to not only expand their Arctic Super Store but also to rotate it 90 degrees to best utilize their space and product flow. 

We were very pleased to see we had Hank the Hi-ab operator when he turned up. Hank has worked with us previously on a very large, very complicated installation and knows the importance of getting everything lined up, level, and square. With his skill and understanding, we had the units separated, rotated, and re-sited before lunchtime.

A couple of hours later, after the units had been completely sealed up, the client was loading the containers back up, with minimal disruption the the business.