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TITAN order more new containers, ArcticStores and much more

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The past months have seen TITAN placing more significant orders for many different container types and sizes as well as for additional lorries.

Standard ISO container orders have included more than 1000 x 10', 20' & 40' standard and hi-cube containerss for delivery in June, July and August. Production was also recently completed on 20' open tops and 20' full side access - both sides and single side as well as 40' and 40' hi-cube double doors.

Almost 300 x 10', 20' and 40' ArcticStores have or are being produced to meet the increasing demand for this user friendly superior portable cold store. New ArcticStores have already been delivered to our new offices in Ireland, Hungary, Poland (opening July 2014) and Turkey as well as to most other European markets, and various central/south American countries. More are scheduled for delivery during July and August. ArcticStore production will continue with a further 300/400 units for production in August and September with delivery being completed within November this year. Additional SuperStores are also under production at this time.

We have also added to to our DNV fleet and new DNV 10' & 20' standard and hard top open tops have/are currently arriving in various European locations, and Brazil

Our self storage sites have not been neglected, more than 300 new containers have been built specifically for both existing and the planned new sites opening later in 2014.

Even Mercedes Trucks have benefited from TITAN's new orders with 2 vehicles delivered direct from the production line to our crane suppliers for fitting the 74T/M cranes. 2 new telescopic step-frame trailers with multi-combination container locks have also been ordered. These combinations are due to enter service later this summer. Further similar orders are expected this year.