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Like many other businesses, TITAN consumes fossil fuels. Already in 2020, we started to develop our strategy to reduce our fossil fuel consumption. As plans become reality we would like to share what we are achieving as well informing our shorter-term targets and expectations.


Welcome to the first update on how TITAN Containers is moving away from fossil fuels.


Already realized

Changing fossil fuels company cars for EVs started already in 2020. Currently, around 60% of the fleet has been converted. In the UK all company cars are electric and in Brazil, we only tank with ethanol (a plant-based alternative to petrol).

Committed change pending delivery

As car-renewal becomes due, EVs will be replacing petrol and diesel models in almost all countries. TITAN has already placed orders to start replacing the extensive fleet of vans operated. We are targeting 30 % will be EVs within 31/12.2022.

Whilst electric lorries are just starting to become available, TITAN has already ordered two that will be delivered to Denmark in Q2/2023 to operate our 2022 delivered MegaLift side loading trailers.

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With many container handling and storage facilities worldwide, we have a large fleet of big forklift trucks and container handlers – all guzzling diesel fuel. We have already ordered our first electric forklifts/container handlers that are for delivery 2022/3.

2023 and onwards

Our stated objective is to phase out all fossil fuel consumption within the coming 5-7 years and have a program to replace all cars and vans within 2024 and annually 15-20% of container handlers and lorries with environmentally friendly electric alternatives.

Consumption KPI’s

TITAN is ISO 14001:2015 certified and all energy consumables are now being recorded this year we will be publishing the first comparisons.

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