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Expanding in Africa: TITAN’s ArcticStore Power an Abattoir Installation in Botswana

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TITAN is proud to be an integral part of a new state-of-the-art cattle & small stock abattoir project in the Kgalagadi Region of Botswana. The project, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture Botswana, brings together global cutting edge & robust technologies where TITAN plays a leading role.

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The rural development project, built at a cost of 15 million USD and taking 2 years to complete, will support local commercial and subsistence livestock farmers in this arid semi-desert region of Botswana, creating employment and fair trade opportunities from the region’s livestock resources.

A TITAN 5 in 1 SuperStore combined with an Arctic Blast 5 unit was chosen as fit for purpose, due to the reliability of the equipment, innovative design, temperature range variability, and the ability to seamlessly expand the SuperStore for future cold storage requirements on the site.

TITAN ArcticStore Africa-26

The TITAN equipment will have the ability to blast freeze 8MT of beef and goat primal cuts per day and to store up to 80MT of packed and boxed chilled and frozen meat products ready for distribution into the Botswana market, and export markets abroad.