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See just how far a customer will go to get an ArcticStore

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TITAN is quite accustomed to difficult deliveries but this is an extraordinary example of how an ArcticStore can be of such value as to warrant the work and ingenuity shown here.

ArcticStore moved to tough location

The container is a 20ft ArcticStore with 2 refrigeration machines and side door access. It is to be used deep inside an extensive manufacturing facility and certainly not on the ground floor!

After arrival at the customer’s factory, the approximately 3.7T container was lifted to a roof area. The container was then fitted with skates in 2 corners and placed at the top of the purpose built ramp which descended to the working floor. The crane was then used as a brake until the container arrived on the building floor. It was then moved by hand power through the building on the skates until arrival at the desired location.

Only 110 days from concept order to design and production, then shipping to Europe and finally delivery to the customer.

ArcticStores bring a multitude of benefits, benefits that for this customer outweighed the significant cost of the last few meters of a 12.000km journey.

Most of our customers need to spend a lot less to realise all of the benefits. Short lead-time, precise, reliable and power efficient temperature control; together with a host of user friendly attributes make ArcticStores the preferred solution for many.

We supply professional temperature controlled storage solutions from +60°C to -60°C worldwide.

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