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Both Auckland and Christchurch have now received more energy efficient ArcticStores direct from the factory!

Designed for ease of use and maximum energy efficiency.  

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Current customers love them so much they won't give them back - We have had to order more!

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Standard features:

• High insulation value

• Flat anti-slip aluminium floor

• Easy, 1 hand opening door with inbuilt lock

• 220V LED fluorescent internal lights

• Sliding strip curtain

• Internal door opening

• Person trapped alarm

• Modern power efficient machinery

• Minus 40°C to plus 60° C range

• Maximum air temperature fluctuation 0.5°C

  from set point after pull down (most models)

• Hygienic stainless steel interior panels/aluminium floor

• Robust MGSS stainless steel exterior

• Internal fork truck/motorized pallet lifter use permitted

• Ramps for easy access

• 380/440V 3 phase heavy duty cable

  with 5 pin/32A CE plug


Call today on 0800 ARCTIC (0800 272 848) to secure an ArcticStore in either 10', 20' or 40' - excellent long term lease rates available.

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