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Meet ArcticBlast!

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ArcticStores have regularly been used to chill or to freeze smaller volumes. We are pleased to launch the ArcticBlast range of rapid chillers and blast freezers for faster results or greater volume. 

Removing heat to realise rapid chilling or freezing is only a question of how much effect is applied to how many kilos and the thermal properties of what is to change temperature. Based upon the success of using single machine ArcticStores for smaller volumes we can now offer ArcticBlast 2.1 and 5.1 models with twice and 5 times the effect a normal ArcticStore.


ArcticBlast 5.1 delivers approx. 76.000 Kcal/hr. or more than 300.000 btu/hr. effect. When chilling the airflow is 20.0000m3 per hour. This is sufficient to take 1oC from 20 tons of fruit or vegetables every 20 minutes or so or take 1 ton of meat from +5oC to -18oC in between 1-2 hours depending upon the fat content.


The prototypes showing here are 2,1 and 5.1 models with long and narrow chambers and include flat non-slip flooring, internal lighting, hygienic stainless steel and aluminium interiors, man trap alarm and internal/external opening doors in both ends.  3 or more pallet wide models are also available. ArcticBlast zones can be easily incorporated into SuperStore complexes for Blast 'n Store in one.

We also offer accoustic cabins to reduce db emissions and heat extractors. In the right location this free warm air can be collected for heating purposes.


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