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Increased cold chain demand in Indonesia met by Arcticstore

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On the 27th of June, the Managing Director of TITAN Containers, Layland Barker, attended the soft opening of the (first phase) Portable Cold Storage Solutions offered by ArcticStore and held by our distributor PT DS Solutions Internationals at the Kelapa Gading warehouse complex in North Jakarta, Indonesia.


Growing Demand within the cold chain logistics in Indonesia

As the demand is rising for frozen and fresh foods and other consumer products which require temperature-controlled storage, PT DS Solutions International seized the opportunity to expand in this field. Multiple types of portable cold storage introduced by TITAN Containers such as the Superstorethe Arcticstore or the Ultrafreezer are going to aid local businesses and Government Agencies in the distribution logistics of important food products to the end consumer, thus boosting the overall state of the cold chain logistics in Indonesia. An important element is also the domino effect of better products giving better prices that will ultimately benefit the farmers and fishermen producing and harvesting food products. 

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Partnerships for the greater good

There is a severe lack of cold storage in Indonesia. Like many other countries food waste through inadequate logistic facilities remains a major problem. Through its’ agencies the Government and many private stakeholders are addressing these issues to benefit both consumers and suppliers.  

PT DS Solutions International has been the sole distributor in Indonesia for TITAN Containers since 2010 but it is going to collaborate with PT BGR Logistik, a subsidiary of PT Indonesia Trading Company to reach a larger market and expand their collective forces for the benefit of the customers. 

In the future, PT DS Solutions International will continue to support the development of local micro and macro businesses through PT TITAN Containers Indonesia which is a joint venture between PT DS Solutions International and TITAN Containers A/S, Denmark. PT TITAN Containers Indonesia will be engaging with PT BGR Logistik Indonesia on second phase development of the Kelapa Gading warehouse complex as well as other locations and with the many other existing and potential customers that can benefit from ArcticStore products and services.

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An important event for the development of Indonesia

The ability to add reliable and cost-effective temperature-controlled storage is a game-changer for consumers and producers in Indonesia. With massive urbanization in major cities, there is a massive benefit in bringing these facilities to the cities as well as to the ports and villages harvesting the produce.  

The event attracted national media attention and was attended by Artati Widiarti, General Director of the Strengthening of Competitiveness of Marine and Fishery Products, Andry Tanudjaja, Director of Commerce and Development of PT Indonesia Trading Company, Budi Susanto, President Director of PT BGR Logistik Indonesia, Syailendra, Commercial and Operations Director of PT BGR Logistik Indonesia, Layland Barker, Managing Director of TITAN Containers A/S, the Board of Directors and their representatives from ID Food Group, strategic partners of PT. DS Solutions International and PT. BGR Logistics Indonesia.


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