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Container Relocate Finds Success with TITAN in 2022 Customer Reference

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At TITAN, we are extremely appreciative to receive favourable customer feedback. Recently, we received a recommendation from Michael McKenzie of Container Relocate, who worked with our team in 2022 and had a positive experience.

From Michael McKenzie of Container Relocate:

"Moving from a back up provider in 2021 to the primary provider in 2022, in addition to me having a significant increase in other areas of the business meant a spread of work that left little room for proactivity this year. Having said that, I wanted you guys to know how much easier you all made my requirements. I can’t understate the pressure you took off by covering everything I needed when I needed it and its very much appreciated.

I have some more prospective events clients looking at work in 2023 and definitely will be continuing to lean in on the TITAN brand.


With respect to Adelaide Ravi was a pro under the pressure of late deliveries from port and the rail line closures that hamstrung efforts to get stock from Melbourne. We were able to make some 10ft Reefers and 40ft Reefers work in place of the shorted 20ft Reefer stock so no complaints from our customer. The team there worked very well with our transport provider to a degree I needed very little oversight on the bump in/out operations. Highest regards for the team and their efforts, in addition to all for the Bathurst, Gold Coast, Formula One/MotoGP and Tennis/Golf events. Fantastic."

We are glad that we were able to assist Container Relocate during their busy year and reduce some of their load. Michael was extremely complimentary of our Adelaide team, who went above and beyond to accommodate last-minute modifications.

We are ecstatic to have received such a fantastic evaluation from Michael and the Container Relocate team. At TITAN, our first objective is to give our valued customers the best service possible. We appreciate you selecting us as your provider in 2022, and we look forwards to working with you in the future.