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ArcticStores moves into another gear

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TITAN Containers is investing in many new temperature controlled storage containers to supply the development of the global cold chain market.


10', 20' and 40' ArcticStores, 20' and 40' ArcticBlasts, 20' CV-19 vaccine UltraFreezers and SuperStores have been delivered weekly these past 3 months and a further 500 are pending factorry completion during April and May. These are all due to be delivered to markets within end-June/early July.

ArcticStores moves into another gear2

More and more customers are discovering the benefits of our ArcticStore range and almost all customers who tried it once, come back for more units. As a result, 2020 and the 1st quarter of 2021 has brought unprecedented growth to our Brand and to the company. 


TITAN Containers is placing maximum emphasis on the quality of our products in the market to meet regulatory and customer's expectations. As a result, ArcticStores can comply with all Health and Safety and other regulatory requrements.Several models can be factory GDP certified. The growth of pharma industry has brought new opportunities and ArcticStores are supplied globally anywhere within a few days or weeks depending on the location.


Continuous innovation brings ArcticStore to the forefront of the industry, that others only try to copy with llimited success. The new power saving 40' ArcticStore Tropical are already being appreciate by many customers. 


UltraFreezer2020  was specifically developed for the Pfizer Biontek COVID vaccine and can guarantee -70oC. ArcticBlast shock freezers are getting more and more popular especially in the meat and fish markets. Our modular cold rooms: SuperStores, that can be custom made to meet client's requirements, are becoming a big hit in the markets. Complete warehouses and processing plants can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world just in 3-4 month from order. 


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TITAN is proud to have been an official supplier for the 22nd Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

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