self storage

Almost all that we eat has transited cold chain logistic solutions with temperature controlled transport and storage from harvest or production all the way to the home fridge or freezer. The same is true for many pharmaceutical products and an ever increasing list of special materials and products.


Reliable, dependable and experienced

There are few competitors than can match our more than 30 years industry experience and none who can equal our global market footprint, the quantity and/or the quality of our refrigerated storage container fleet. Our modern fleet has expanded every year and continues to grow with new $ multi-million investments.

We are a privately family owned business with traditional family values that includes 100% reliability and dependability of both the equipment and related services. We have had only positive financial results and have a very strong asset based balance sheet.

Welcome to the ArcticStore web portal.

Founded in 1987, TITAN Containers are singularly engaged in the supply of storage solutions. Our flagship ArcticStore brand is market leader with the best selection of tailormade refrigerated containers for many different applications with a massive span of temperatures.

I believe you will always receive local, friendly and professional service from the team of more than 150 TITANS in our worldwide offices. It is their responsibility to inform and recommend the right solution for you, and even on the rare occasion, when this is not a solution TITAN can supply. Better no business than bad business!

I am confident you will find the best possible refrigerated storage solution with TITAN Containers.

Sincerely yours,
Layland Barker
Managing Director