Ultra cold super freezer storage containers minus 40C and minus 70C -40F/-94F


Storage containers with ultra low (sub -40C) temperatures. Built to store frozen products between -40C and -70C these are not intended to freeze warm products. Ultra cold -40F/-94F storage containers are very specialized.

First generation ultra cold containers

For many years this niche product operated between -40° and -65°C. The primary use has traditionally been and remains today the transport and storage of high value tuna fish.

Over recent years new applications, particularly relating to vaccines and other R&D by the Bio and Life Sciences industries have developed.

2020 CV-19

Covid 19 vaccine research and development is changing the market for ultra low temperature storage and logistic solutions.

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Second generation ultra cold containers

Already in mid-2020 there were clear signs that -65°C might not be low enough and TITAN together with key suppliers started to trial alternative container designs to reduce heat leakage.

Also the refrigeration needed a re-design as the existing specification doesn't have the required effect to maintain even lower temperatures.

October 2020 -70C/-94F realised

For the past months testing has been rigorous and successful. The re-designed refrigeration has sufficient effect for reliable -70°C/-94°F storage and logistics.

The container design is being further modified to improve the heat leakage values