Storage of fish and shellfish, meat, poultry, honey and dairy products incl. ice creams

Honey storage


Harvesters, farmers, processors, distributors and retail outlets all benefit from the user friendly, reliable and accurate temperature controlled storage in ArcticStores

Experience counts

Take advantage of TITAN's many years of delivering and servicing similar customers. It might be the first time you have a problem we can solve but it is very unlikely we haven't previously solved the same problem for others

Built for storage applications only

Our refrigerated storage solutions are designed and built specifically for this application. Better and more suitable than shipping containers the focus is entirely on user interests and work place safety

Rapid chilling and freezing

Whilst the standard ArcticStore can be used reduce temperatures for small volumes of produce we recommend our ArcticBlast.

Fitted with 2, alternatively 5 powerful machines the ArcticBlast can chill or freeze substantial volumes of produce. In daily use at fish farms, fishing harbours, meat processors and packers as well as many other industry segments.


ArcticBlast can also be used for tempering frozen produce.

ArcticBlast information

Store fish and shellfish

Both fresh and saltwater species maintain the best quality and longest shelf life with correct storage conditions. Special care for Tuna

ArcticStores are prefect for storing both fresh, fresh on ice and frozen fish. Accurate set point temperature control avoids too low temperatures for fresh fish storage. Low fan speed reduces dehydration from airflow as does the presence of slowly memting ice. ArctiBlast for rapid chillinf or freezing.

The fish industry, from harvesters to consumer sales outlets around the world benefit from our products and not least in Indonesia where TITAN and the local interests are installing our SuperStore facilities to benefit local business and consumers.

Storing Tuna

High value Tuna needs special care, it is best transported and stored in the temperature range -50°/-55°C -58°/-67°F. Tuna can be stored as complete gutted fish or after filleting as semi-prepared pieces. Irrespective ultracold storage is best for maintaining the highest quality.

For best storage of tuna you need TITAN's UltraFreezer. The special refrigeration system was developed for the shipping of Tuna and with extra insulation in the container the UltraFreezer can maintain temperature in all ambient temperatures, even @+50°C/+122°C.

ArcticBlast blast freezers are successful in rapid freezing of both small and large Tuna and UltraFreezers for the best storage,

Meat and poultry storage

Fresh and frozen meat is often stored in ArcticStores. We have many meat suppliers and retail outlet customers who rely on an ArcticStore to meet peak customer demands for seasonal specialities like Christmas turkeys in the UK or Sweden's holiday preference for venison.

ArcticStore have been delivered with in-built meat rails for hanging meat. In order to avoid Only "cleaned" carcasses should be stored as any released ammonia is an aggresive degrading agent to the internal parts of the refrigeration system.

ArcticBlast are in daily use for rapid chilling and blast freezing produce at meat processing and packing plants.

Storage of ice cream and many other dairy products

Whilst ice cream storage is the most common dairy application there are many other products that are stored and in particular maturing cheeses has been a very successful application for some customers.

The food grade stainless steel and aluminium interiors permit 100% hygienic environments. Our Arctic SuperStore has been used to create a dairy facility in an existing industrial building - picture above.


Over recent years we have seen an increasing demand for temperature controlled containers from the honey industry.

In particular the growing number of smaller businesses harvesting "wild" and/or "ecological" derived honey from their focused hives.