Used after plant harvesting for processing and storage medical cannabis also known as medical marijuana MMJ

The cannabis flower and buds are harvested and placed inside ArcticStores to be frozen. Preferred freezing temperature seems to vary between -23°C and -40°C or -10°F and -40°F.

After freezing the valuable flowers and buds are shaken free and are processed into the potent oils for further processing into the wide range of derived produts thant preserve the potency of the THC / CBD.

Non-operating refrigerated containers are often used for in-door cullitivation using heat and artificial sunlight.

Similar applications apply to similar plants that contain similar properties including Hemp.

TITAN only provide contaniers for these applications where this is permitted under local state/country legislation.

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Built for storage applications only

Our refrigerated storage solutions are designed and built specifically for this application. Better and more suitable than shipping containers the focus is entirely on user interests and work place safety