Fruit, salads and vegetables

temperature controlled rapid chilling, storage and atmosphere control

Keep your produce fresh and appetizing with reliable, accurate and affordable ArcticStore cold storage

Experience counts

Take advantage of TITAN's many years of delivering and servicing similar customers. It might be the first time you have a problem we can solve but it is very unlikely we haven't previously solved the same problem for others

Built for storage applications only

Our refrigerated storage solutions are designed and built specifically for this application. Better and more suitable than shipping containers the focus is entirely on user interests and work place safety




Remove field heat and rapid chilling

The quality and shelf life of freshly picked fruits can be enhanced by removing field heat. The single machine ArcticStore removes around 12°C/21°F per metric ton fruit per hour.

There can be other advantages like wineries, who benefit from pre-chilling (even freezing) the grapes prior to pressing. For some grape varieties this helps to improve the aroma and/or increases the natural sugar content during pressing.

High volume/faster effect

With ArcticBlast 5 the effect is 12°C/21°F per metric ton fruit per 15 minutes. Read more

The speed of temperature loss is determined by surface air flow over the produce. Tightly packed fruit will react more slowly than when loosely packed.

Fresh air exchange

ArcticStores include a fresh air exchange valve for controlled purging of the internal air and harmfull gases from the ripening process.

Controlled and/or modified atmosphere

For longer term storage there is the opportunity to control and even modify to nitrogen rich atmosphere which combined with chill storage prolongs shelf life without loss of produce quality.

AFAM+ can be used in combination with ArcticStore fitted with TK MAgnum plus refrigeration. Nitrogen enrichment should only performed by experienced/authorised personnel.

Fresh fruit, salads and vegetables

ArcticStores are suited to storing all types of fresh agricultural products including fruits, salads and vegetables.

At chill temperatures the supply air temperature will never be too cold! As chilling removes humidity you might also want to use low fan speed to reduce the airflow and the power bill!

For single produce storage you can set the thermostat at the precise best suited temperature for the produce. For supermarket and similar users with mixed produce we recommend using a set-point the suits the most delicate produce.

Flat floors with cage or easy pallet mover operations. Easy for all to open doors and many other user benefits.

Prepared and processed fruits, salads and vegetables

Our ArcticStores are in reality just a very big fridge for commercial size applications! With easy opening doors an ArcticStore is like a really big "walk-in" fridge.

Cage and pallet mover operations made easy with ramp and flat floors.

Industrial kitchens, food processors and internet food delivery distribution centres are just three of the many business segments that reply on reliable cold storage.

Use economy fan speed to reduce air flow where possible. This saves meaningfull electricity.