Industrial or event catering and many types of food and beverage outlets including shops and supermarkets require refrigerated storage solutions 

Food shops, markets and supermarkets


Many food outlets need temporary refrigerated storage to meet peak customer demands, the increased on-line ordering with store collections, Christmas and other seasonal happenings and special foods. ArcticStores can be hired for short term to meet such demands as well as emergencies like non-operational own cold storage facilities.  

Event catering

TITAN supply catering stakeholders at sporting, musical festivals and many other events and happenings.

From private events like weddings to supplying multiple site events like UEFA EURO football finals TITAN are accustomed to the need for timely transport arrangements and reliable equipment. For many repeat events like the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark and Melbourne Cup horse racing TITAN have been the primary supplier of portable refrigerated storage.

ArcticStores include internal lighting for safe use in the hours of darkness. The very fast pull down after door opening returns the internal temperature to set-point in next to no time!

Industrial catering

Where there is food there is refrigeration. Large factory, hospital and institute kitchens, catering at airports and at mine sites all need to store both the raw products and prepared meals.

Our flexible container sizes and temperature range with food grade interiors are perfect for all catering applications.

ArcticStores incorporate easy to clean flat non-slip aluminium floors perfect for moving commodity cages and trollies. "Walk in" 1-hand door opening and internal lighting are just 2 of the many user friendly attributes.





Cut flowers

Controlled cool storage improves the shelf life of cut flowers.

House and garden plants

In addition to storage the heating and refrigerations capacity of ArcticStores allows you to arrest or accelarate growth of plants. Daffodils at Easter not 14 days before or after!

Fresh air-exchange

There is a fresh air exchange ventilator that ensures fixed % fresh air reewal if required.


We suggest using the economy fan speed to reduce air flows and for longer term storage to have light fabric material to cover delicate flowers and plants.